32nd week of pregnancy

Pregnancy calendar: 32nd week of pregnancy

Pregnancy calendar by week. An experienced doctor tells how a child develops in the womb and what changes occur in the pregnant woman’s body. All the most important things about the 32nd week of pregnancy

Changes in your body (32 weeks of pregnancy):

More changes this week affect your body: the uterus is practically at its maximum size, which means that most of the abdomen (abdominal cavity) is filled with the uterus and baby. The large size of the uterus causes compression of all organs of the abdominal cavity, in particular, the stomach, which can be manifested by a feeling of heartburn on almost any food, water is the best helper in such situations. Indigestion can also cause a tendency to constipation, so reduce the amount of white bread that contributes to constipation, instead eat fresh apples, plums, and in winter – dried fruits.

Since the time to give birth is approaching, I advise you to start putting together a “hot bag”.

  • Prepare a folder with documents , which should contain your passport, a pregnant woman’s exchange card, a card with the necessary phone numbers of doctors and relatives, with a certain amount of money, because there is nothing worse than turning over half the house in stress to find your documents.
  • Choose clothes in which you will be comfortable in the hospital: a loose tracksuit, a bathrobe in which you will give birth, t-shirts with fasteners in the front so that it is convenient to feed the baby, underwear (disposable panties in which it is easy to replace the lining, a bra for feeding the baby, warm socks). Do not forget about comfortable slippers.
  • Prepare 2-3 fresh diapers for the baby, homemade pads from an old sheet can also come in handy.
  • Clothes for a baby: 2-3 “bodysuits”, 2-3 “boys”, which are conveniently clipped on and make it easy to change the baby’s diaper, 1-2 hats, 2 pairs of socks, a pair of “scratch” gloves, a pack of diapers for newborns. For discharge, it is good to have a blanket-envelope, which can comfortably wrap the child, especially in winter.
  • Personal hygiene items: toothpaste, brush, soap, comb, cotton buds, cotton pads, hygienic lipstick, towel, paper napkins and a non-spill cup, for the child you should have: skin cream, diaper cream, disposable wet sanitary napkins.
  • Take something to read or listen to.
  • Prepare your discharge clothes. Depending on the weather, since your body after childbirth is still sensitive to sudden changes, take care of warm and comfortable clothes.

How does the baby grow?

With each week, the space for the baby will become less and less, therefore less space for movements. After all, you can notice that the baby is not so mobile. Preferably, during this period, the baby should turn head down, which will allow it to be born more easily.

Author: Olga Letnyanchyk, doctor

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