What should a pregnant woman avoid?

To eat or not to eat? This question often worries pregnant women. A woman with hope worries not only about herself, but also about the baby’s health. However, nutrition must still be complete and balanced, so you should not limit yourself. We have prepared for you some good advice from a doctor. Therefore, read this list for yourself and eat deliciousness that is allowed for your health.

Mother’s trick: we decorate dishes for children

What mother has not faced a similar problem? The food on the plate is tasty and healthy, but the child flatly refuses to even try a piece. We offer you options, with the help of which your children will love to eat even broccoli… They will also ask for supplements.

7 myths about breastfeeding

You have a child. You want to give her as much valuable and necessary as possible. For example, breast milk. It would seem that what could be more natural and simpler. However, a young mother, especially if she is a first-time mother, is overwhelmed with so much information that it is difficult to choose the only correct model of behavior. Read this article and feed calmly.

10 ideas for baby’s first meals

You and your baby have crossed the line when they were fed exclusively with breast milk or formula. And even porridge is not so pleasing to the child. And a mother wants to cook something useful, nutritious and tasty for her little one. We have prepared some ideas for you, take out your notebooks.

Rules of the first feeding

Your baby has grown up. Well, as he grew up, so far he is still a baby, but far from the same as you brought him in an envelope from the maternity hospital. He is already six months old, which means that it’s time to introduce complementary foods. At least this age for trying a new food is the most optimal. How to give it?

Water during breastfeeding: necessary or not

You have a baby, and there is a lot of joy in the house. But despite all the admiration and affection of a young mother for her child, she receives advice from everywhere. How to properly feed, how to put to sleep, how to dress and whether to give water. Often people of the older generation (grandmothers, usually) insist: especially in the heat, the child should be given water. Why do babies need it?