Mother’s trick: we decorate dishes for children

Food culture is very important. Maybe this is not a very developed phenomenon in our country, but it is up to the parents how children eat now and how they will do it in adulthood. After all, useful habits are laid down in childhood. Besides, the food has to be good. Then it is more pleasant to eat. Is not it?

So try to feed your baby more than just an omelette, for example. Create a masterpiece on a plate. And we have collected the most interesting examples.

Carrots and eggs are products that everyone needs. However, children eat willingly not as often as mom would like. How do you like this picture?

All children love pancakes, but they will love them even more if you make a tree like this for them.

Well, the easiest way is to make beautiful sandwiches. In general, fantasy can run wild here.

Does the kid not eat mashed potatoes and cutlets? No problem. We will teach you to serve this dish in such a way that anyone will not be able to refuse.

Unfortunately, such tasty fruits are not always enjoyed by children. And you try to show such palms.

Is it not possible to feed porridge? You just haven’t tried to show your baby porridge like this:

Even the pickiest child will love to try such creative cutlets or meatballs.

Cheesecakes or emoticon fritters won’t stay on the plate for long either. Although they are so nice to look at.

Very useful, very beautiful and very appetizing pancakes.

And macaroni in this presentation will also be enjoyed by adults. After all, so is the salad.

Of course, children should get used to eating adult and healthy food just like that, following the example of mom and dad. However, sometimes mothers can use such small tricks and make their babies pleasant breakfasts.

Bon appetit.

All photos are from the Internet.