Three WHO recommendations for your child

For the harmonious development of the child, it is worth listening to the advice of experts. New WHO recommendations on physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and sleep in children were prepared by a group of WHO experts. The panel members assessed the effects of sleep deprivation and screen time on young children, or the amount of time spent in wheelchairs and wheelchairs. Experts also analyzed data on the benefits of high levels of physical activity.

Infants (less than 1 year old) are recommended:

  • Engage in various types of physical activity several times a day , in particular, playing on the floor in interaction with an adult; the more the better. If the child is not yet able to move independently, it is recommended that he spend at least 30 minutes a day lying on his stomach (at different times of the day during the waking period).
  • Do not remain in a situation of limited mobility for more than 1 hour at a time (for example, in bassinets/strollers, child seats or carriers and ergo backpacks). Spending time in front of the screen is not recommended. During periods of limited mobility, the child is recommended to provide communication with an adult, for example, reading fairy tales and stories.
  • Have 14–17 hours (ages 0 to 3 months) or 12–16 hours (ages 4 to 11 months) of quality healthy sleep , including daytime sleep.
Child's health

“Ensuring health for all requires adopting the most health-promoting practices from the earliest stages of human life,” says WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “Early childhood is a period of rapid development, and it is the moment when the family’s lifestyle can be adjusted in favor of strengthening the child’s health.”