What should a pregnant woman avoid?

To eat or not to eat? This question often worries pregnant women. A woman with hope worries not only about herself, but also about the baby’s health. However, nutrition must still be complete and balanced, so you should not limit yourself. We have prepared for you some good advice from a doctor. Therefore, read this list for yourself and eat deliciousness that is allowed for your health.

Mother’s trick: we decorate dishes for children

What mother has not faced a similar problem? The food on the plate is tasty and healthy, but the child flatly refuses to even try a piece. We offer you options, with the help of which your children will love to eat even broccoli… They will also ask for supplements.

Colic in babies: how to help a child

Your baby was born. You enjoy your new status, rejoice, accept congratulations, and the baby sleeps soundly in a stroller or a crib. Suddenly, after two or three weeks, the peace was removed as if by hand – the child starts to be fussy, does not sleep, gets irritated, cries.

Cold in a child: how to act

Which parent has not faced such a problem as a child’s cold? Whether we like it or not, diseases very often put babies to bed. Parents are worried, doctors prescribe treatment, pharmacies have a lot of money… But does it always work? We offer you the advice of the American doctor of medical sciences, honorary specialist in pediatrics Jay L. Hoecker.

Slings and backpacks: what to wear a baby in

Only a stroller for a baby is no longer relevant. With the birth of a child, a mother has the opportunity to choose a wide variety of so-called carriers to her own taste. Previously, if a child was crying in a stroller, it was time to go outside with him. Today’s moms know that a sling will always come to the rescue in such a situation. What is it and what are the varieties: we tell.