Cold in a child: how to act

Which parent has not faced such a problem as a child’s cold? Whether we like it or not, diseases very often put babies to bed. Parents are worried, doctors prescribe treatment, pharmacies have a lot of money… But does it always work? We offer you the advice of the American doctor of medical sciences, honorary specialist in pediatrics Jay L. Hoecker.

10 ideas for baby’s first meals

You and your baby have crossed the line when they were fed exclusively with breast milk or formula. And even porridge is not so pleasing to the child. And a mother wants to cook something useful, nutritious and tasty for her little one. We have prepared some ideas for you, take out your notebooks.

The 5 types of destructive methods of education

Negative and uncontrollable behavior of the child is often the cause of unhealthy relationships with parents or a tense atmosphere in the family as a whole. Children’s destructive states can (and should) be corrected and corrected, but usually parents seek the help of specialists (for example, a psychotherapist) to correct the child’s behavior, but do not want to work on themselves.