Slings and backpacks: what to wear a baby in

Only a stroller for a baby is no longer relevant. With the birth of a child, a mother has the opportunity to choose a wide variety of so-called carriers to her own taste. Previously, if a child was crying in a stroller, it was time to go outside with him. Today’s moms know that a sling will always come to the rescue in such a situation. What is it and what are the varieties: we tell.

A good decent sling – a fabric carrier for a child – is not cheap. Therefore, before buying, you should know well that they are very different and intended for different ages.

Sling scarf

At first glance, it is the simplest of all types of carriers and, in fact, it can be used from birth. However, it is the most difficult to use. It is necessary to get good at winding it so that, in the end, it is comfortable for both mother and baby. However, experienced slingers say that once you get used to it, you won’t want to change it for anything else.

In appearance, it is an ordinary long cloth in the form of a scarf. At the same time, the length, color and fabric may be different. You can carry a baby in it both horizontally and vertically.

Sling with rings

It is similar to a sling scarf, but smaller in size and, accordingly, more budget-friendly. The rings make it a little easier to put on, but a little more difficult to wear. After all, here the load falls on only one shoulder.

A sling with rings can also be worn from birth. It also promotes breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact.

By the way, an American physiotherapist invented this type of sling for his own daughter.


Theoretically, May also comes from birth. However, if there is no experience of carrying a sling, then it is better to start with 3 months.

This is an extremely convenient carrier, it does not require much effort to master it. The load in this type of sling is distributed evenly, so the baby can be carried for quite a long time, and the mother will feel comfortable.
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You can carry the baby both horizontally and vertically, but the first position requires a little skill.


It is often confused with a “kangaroo”, which, in principle, is not recommended to be worn. Instead, an ergonomic backpack is perfectly suitable for carrying a baby, is not harmful to the child and is convenient for the mother.

Dads also love it, because the backpacks do not need any winding – put it on and go.

It seems that ergo rucksacks are ideal carriers, their minus is only one – they can carry a child from approximately 6 months. Therefore, for very young children, they will still have to master the first types.

Adapted ergonomic backpack

Well, or try another type – an adapted ergonomic backpack. It is something in between an ergo and a sling. They can carry children who are not yet sitting, but whose weight is from 5 kilograms or 65 centimeters (depending on the manufacturer).
It is not worth putting a smaller child in an adapter – the fabric will sag, and the child will not be fixed reliably.

If you have such an opportunity and desire, be sure to try sling-carrying. And the baby is good, and you are comfortable. And what else does a mother need for happiness?