22nd week of pregnancy

Pregnancy calendar: 22nd week of pregnancy

Pregnancy calendar by week. An experienced doctor tells how a child develops in the womb and what changes occur in the pregnant woman’s body. All the most important things about the 22nd week of pregnancy

Changes in your body:

You have probably already noticed that your hair has changed. Mainly during pregnancy, the hair becomes thicker, gets greasy faster. Try to wash your hair with natural shampoos without a lot of additives. Enjoy beautiful hair! Although there are women who do not notice any particular changes. If you monitor the quality of nutrition, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, then the condition of your skin and hair should improve.

Concerning skin, then it also mostly looks good. However, increased formation of fats can provoke the appearance of blackheads (acne). A good tip is to choose a good soap, a cleansing micellar solution that does not contain unnecessary artificial components and does not irritate the sensitive skin of the face.

In addition to the pleasant bonuses associated with the good appearance of the skin, you may be upset by the appearance of pigment spots or the increase of already existing ones. Unfortunately, this is really related to pregnancy and will disappear only after delivery. Remember that pigment spots can quickly “burn” in the sun, so use sunscreen.

A growing belly will contribute to the appearance of stretch marks. Stretched skin can itch unpleasantly, burn, be overly sensitive. I advise you to choose a good cream and periodically lubricate the skin of the abdomen. In general, good skin care, greasing the body with cream after showering should become self-care habits. Also, wearing a belt for pregnant women will somewhat help prevent stretch marks on the body. And the most important thing is to watch your weight, try to increase your body weight within the recommended limits.

How does the baby grow?

The child’s senses will develop this week. The baby learns to get to know the world by touch, touches the face, reaches for the umbilical cord (umbilical cord), grabs it. Don’t worry, the umbilical cord is strong. Hearing is important for a baby. Being inside the tummy, in fact, the baby is in a rather “noisy” environment. She hears her mother’s heartbeat, her voice, responds well to pleasant melodies, but is also afraid of something loud and unexpected. Therefore, do not forget to communicate with your child, sing him lullabies.

The baby’s movements are an opportunity to feel contact with the baby that is still in the tummy. Soon you will be able to distinguish when the child is sleeping, when he is having fun, and when he is scared.

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