Early toxicosis of a pregnant woman: what to do

Mankind has learned to fly into space, but it was almost impossible to overcome toxicosis in pregnant women. Nature is sometimes stronger than us, so sometimes, for the sake of the most valuable, women have to endure various inconveniences. It’s fine if it’s just mild morning sickness, but if it’s getting to the point where it’s impossible to get out of bed? Of course, you can’t do without an adequate gynecologist, but a few simple tips are likely to help you at least a little easier to endure this difficult condition.

Pregnancy is not a disease. This is what it is customary to say to a woman in hope who complains of feeling unwell. Of course, you have to continue your usual life: go to work, take care of yourself at home, meet with friends, go for walks. However, unfortunately, there is a condition that overrides all theoretical rules. And its name is toxicosis.

Doctors say that most women experience toxicosis during pregnancy. For them, it is a slight nausea in the morning. Therefore, it is recommended not to get out of bed suddenly in the morning, it is preferable to have a light snack before that. Then the nausea will most likely subside.

However, this is provided that the condition is mild. Rarely, however, there are cases of toxicosis when a woman cannot walk at all for a long time. She feels very dizzy even with normal pressure, and nausea and vomiting continue not only in the morning, but around the clock. What to do in this case and how dangerous is it?

What is toxicosis?

Doctors claim that toxicosis occurs in every second woman. However, only 8-10% is a serious dangerous condition. Toxicosis is a painful condition caused by the action of exogenous toxins on the body.
There is an opinion that toxicosis:

– caused by the action of hormones;

– the body’s reaction to the fetus as a foreign body;

– psychosomatics.

Toxicosis in pregnant women begins in the first trimester, usually at 5-6 weeks. You cannot ignore your condition, because it is at this time that all internal organs and systems are laid down.

If you have toxicosis – it is only morning sickness and discomfort without vomiting, then you can not worry. However, if you hug the toilet more than 5 times a day, then you need a doctor’s consultation. At least because severe vomiting can cause dehydration of the body, which has a harmful effect on the child’s development.

How to treat toxicosis

Unfortunately, no way. Toxicosis is not treated. For example, many European countries do not even have such a definition, so women in this condition are not even allowed official sick leave.

By the way, there is an opinion that toxicosis can be overcome with positive emotions and a change in the situation. If you have such an opportunity, try it. Some pregnant women say that during toxicosis they went to the sea, and during the entire vacation they did not feel any signs of a painful condition.

In a simple situation, we can remove or alleviate the symptoms. Here you need to orient yourself individually. It often helps women to drink water with lemon on an empty stomach or chew a cracker or a crust of bread without getting out of bed. Others are saved by a glass of milk in the morning or a sweet kiwi. It also happens that it is important not to remain hungry, to eat small portions, but often.
In a word, here you should select options exclusively for yourself. It is also worth identifying for yourself the foods that make your stomach suffer and try to avoid them. However, do not forget that nutrition must be complete and balanced, because now another life depends on you.

However, when toxicosis is so strong that a pregnant woman cannot get out of bed during the day, she has severe dizziness and constant nausea, then you need to go to the hospital and put on drips. They will help support an exhausted body. Otherwise, the woman risks her pregnancy: acetone appears in the urine, which is extremely dangerous for the baby. By the way, the level of acetone can be measured and controlled at home, special test strips are sold for this purpose.

You cannot prevent toxicosis in any way, so if you experience such symptoms, just try to adjust yourself to the positive, think that this is not a permanent condition, and the result will be great happiness – the birth of your baby.