7th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy calendar: 7th week of pregnancy

Pregnancy calendar by week. An experienced doctor tells how a child develops in the womb and what changes occur in the pregnant woman’s body. All the most important things about the 7th week of pregnancy

You’ve probably gotten used to being pregnant a little bit: having a sense of smell that won’t expose you to harmful and dangerous substances; sleep that can occur in broad daylight and other “delights” of pregnancy. And what’s new? And how does a baby grow in the seventh week of pregnancy? What to pay attention to?

Seventh week of pregnancy – changes in your body:

What’s new? You may notice that you want to go to the toilet more often. This is, first of all, your blood volume has increased in order to better provide your baby with oxygen and nutrients, as well as to remove unnecessary metabolic (vital) products from the body. That is, simply put, you should have more urine, and therefore urinate more often . Secondly, in the seventh week of pregnancy, the uterus, in which the baby grows, has increased in size and now puts more pressure on the bladder, which forces you to go to the toilet more often.

Sensitivity to smells, drowsiness, frequent mood swings, food intolerance, or, on the contrary, a fondness for pickles – everything is also possible.

The seventh week of pregnancy – how does the baby grow?

The seventh is an important week in a child’s life: the brain, eyes, ears, and olfactory nerves are developing; the heart beats rhythmically, has three chambers; the liver increases in size, begins to support the heart and lungs; intestine, abdominal cavity. The baby is growing intensively – during this week it will double in size.

Visually, the baby looks more like an amphibian with a tiny tail. The large head is clearly visible, in which the hemispheres of the brain are formed, the eyes can be seen on the side of the head: behind the translucent film is the lens (lens of the eye), the retina (the photosensitive part of the eye) is developing, and the optic nerve is maturing. The baby’s upper lip and mouth will be formed from growths that resemble gills. In the middle of the child’s body, the rhythmically contracting heart is clearly visible. The child develops upper and lower limbs (arms, legs). Through the umbilical vein, nutrients and oxygen enter the child from the mother’s body, and the two umbilical arteries take away carbon dioxide and unnecessary waste products from the child.

Author: Olga Letnyanchyk, doctor

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