What adults should learn from children

Children’s playground

Communication with children is a two-way process. Adults often concentrate on one side – raising and educating a child, forgetting what they can learn from a child.

If you carefully listen to the “children’s wisdom”, observe the behavior and analyze the methods of communication and methods of solving problems that children use, then you can learn a lot of new, interesting and useful things.

When a child plays with toys, he lays them out of a basket or pile one by one in order to better learn, to understand the principle of their work – adults can use this model of behavior to solve complex intricate problems. Decompose the “big” bunch of problems into smaller ones and gradually be able to prioritize and solve everything.

The cohesion of children on the playgrounds is a good example of team spirit, friendship, active pastime. Taking an example from children, it is possible for adults to form the habit of gathering together in the fresh air and actively spending time, for example, in football, basketball, volleyball or other sports games.

Children can learn from the ability to make new acquaintances. The child usually communicates very easily with each other. Children easily get acquainted, quickly find common interests and topics and make a new friendship. Of course, in adulthood it is more difficult, but openness and friendliness to new people should be adopted from children.