Personal boundaries – yes, high walls in these boundaries – no!

Disruption in the perception of personal boundaries causes many related problems. A person who cannot find balance in the boundaries of his personality or is completely closed, makes poor contact, does not open up to anyone, or vice versa – cannot establish any framework and feels as if he is naked among people.

In both cases, breaking the boundaries causes discomfort and can be the cause of many other psychological problems. There is no universal rule about where a personal border should pass – each person needs to form his own personal boundaries.

The boundaries of the individual give protection, a sense of security – by setting comfortable boundaries for himself, a person can communicate with others and with the outside world in general, without sacrificing himself. However, such boundaries do not mean static – for different people our personal boundaries may be different. Conventionally, it’s like with clothes – we cannot constantly walk in a protective spacesuit, nor can we always be naked in front of everyone.

When a person feels and knows how to form his boundaries, he understands that sometimes it is necessary to “put on a cloak and pinch it on all buttons”, sometimes these “buttons” can be slightly opened, and sometimes – to be completely without a cloak. Balance in the feeling of personal boundaries reduces the feeling of shame and adds a sense of security.

It is also important that in case of violation of the boundaries of the individual, a lot of energy is spent on manipulation. First of all, I manipulate myself, my needs and desires. That is why it is so important to find and maintain a balance of the boundaries of the individual – the energy that was previously spent on such manipulations is released.