Parenthood in depression is a doable mission


Being a mom and dad is not easy. Especially if, along with parental everyday life and raising a child, you have to deal with depression. What should you know about depression and parenthood and how to remain loving parents if you have to treat depression?

What to do with depression?

First of all, it is important not to demand from yourself 100% return always and in everything . The level of “good enough” is often absolutely enough, so you should not try to be an ideal every hour of every day.

With depression, it is important to have support from like-minded people – those people who are experiencing or have experienced a similar condition and can always remind you that your feelings are normal and that you can really cope with them.

Work with a psychotherapist . The specialist will help not only to overcome depression, but also to survive it, while remaining a mother, father, wife, husband…

It is important to remember that depression is not the only thing in your life. Despite it, you have parenthood, work, relationships, etc.

Asking for help is not a shame . You should not try to go through everything yourself: ask for help if you need it from your spouse / partner / partner, parents, friends, relatives.

Not only big grandiose changes can make life easier, but also simple everyday things – try to simplify your life as much as possible, where possible . If you can take a short break from work, take it and relax. Do not communicate with people with whom it is uncomfortable to communicate. Be where it’s nice to be and with those who are nice to be with.

Trust your children . Don’t be afraid to tell them about your problems, of course, given your age:

– From about the age of 4, a child can notice your mood and pay attention to a visit to a psychotherapist. Explain to your child that sometimes you are very worried and need help.

– Slightly older children can already distinguish their emotions, respectively, are able to better understand what you feel – for them you can already use the word “depression”.

– Adolescent children can already talk in more detail about their condition and how to deal with it.