Twelfth month of child development

In the month before his first birthday, the baby already has formed some habits, food preferences, favorite games and toys. Reactions to new objects and people can already be partially predicted. In the twelfth month, the child understands the request and most of what is said to him, remembers events for a long time, can say simple phrases. The baby also shows a sense of humor, already knows how to use toys in different ways, according to their purpose and put forward their requirements in different situations.

Physical development and activity of the child

In the twelfth month of life, the baby weighs about 10.5 kg and is about 75 cm tall. Most often at this time there are 3-4 teeth from above and below, but there are many babies whose first tooth appears only at this time – this is not a deviation from the norm. In general, the formula for determining the normal number of milk teeth is relevant up to two years – n-4 – where n is the number of months. That is, conclusions about the normal appearance of teeth should be made much later.

At this time, children begin to walk. If the baby has already stood confidently before, then by the end of the 12th month it usually walks on its own. If the courage to rise and move with support appeared quite recently, then the baby can begin to walk even at the age of one and a half. According to statistics, three out of five babies start walking up to a year, the rest “catch up” with them a little later. This, in particular, applies to children with a calm temperament, and also somewhat later master the walking of children who are overweight.

At the age of twelve months, the child already wants to eat independently and from time to time he should be given such an opportunity, even realizing that this process will not pass carefully and cleanly.

The child is extremely mobile, continues to study all the rooms and objects in them, masters new movements. A lot of energy is spent on this, respectively, the child is gaining little mass.

At this age, one day’s sleep is enough. Sometimes special active babies refuse to sleep during the day.

Playing with a baby of twelve months

Games and toys become the main way of knowing and exploring the diversity of the world around us. It is important to understand that all toys for a child are just toys. If the son wants to play with a doll, and the daughter with a typewriter – do not forbid it. Even, on the contrary – let the baby know the diversity. The division into “girlish” and “boyish” toys is very conditional and, rightly speaking, it was invented by adults, not children. There are a number of studies according to which girls most often prefer one, and boys to other toys, however, these are generalized data. When it comes to a particular child, you should listen to his wishes. In addition, to choose something specific – you need to have a choice.

Imitations of sounds in the future are very interesting. The sounds of animals are also added to the “monkeying” of adults, sometimes their behavior. This is a good time to teach a child to distinguish “as a dog says, but as a cat.” At the same time, the child continues to actively replenish his passive vocabulary and gradually learns to pronounce new sounds.

Communication and interaction

For about a year, children are already beginning to distinguish between individuals, they can point to someone when they hear a name. Also, thanks to the formed vocabulary, the baby points to objects and can do what he is asked for.

At this time, there are sympathies and antipathies for certain people, dishes, toys. Kids increasingly prefer collective games over independent ones, so you need to play with your child.

Medical support of the child at the 12th month

When visiting a pediatrician in the twelfth month, the baby is weighed as usual, its height is measured and the general condition is assessed. If the baby is often sick, then it is worth discussing prevention and ways to strengthen the immune system with a pediatrician.

At the end of the first year, it is recommended to show the child to an orthopedist, laura, dentist and neurologist. Even if the baby is completely healthy, such an examination will not harm and can prevent future diseases.

To maintain health with the child should walk a lot in the fresh air, do massages and gymnastics. Great daily physical activity does not replace gymnastics. On the contrary- exercises are needed to strengthen the muscular system of the child, especially due to the high physical activity.

By this time, the baby can already be able to independently crawl out of the cradle, descend from low steps or rapids and climb them, easily gets up from a sitting position and sits down on his own. Social skills are also improved, in particular, actors appear in games; a child can cheat, demanding something that they do not want to give.

In general, a twelve-month-old baby is completely different from that helpless baby in the first month of life and gradually becomes an independent person with daily successes and lessons.

Natalia Kuzio