Ninth month of child development

From nine months, children already understand and, even, can fulfill simple requests, for example, come up (or, more correctly, crawl) closer, pick up something, open their mouths, etc. Now the baby already remembers the game that was entertained the previous day and can repeat his action at the request. The vocabulary increases somewhat, and the imitation of sneezing, coughing, laughing and other sounds of an adult becomes your favorite sounds. Also, the child willingly copies other children.

Physical development

Children born with an average weight (3.2-3.5 kg) in the ninth month of life weigh 9-9.5 kg. If the baby has more weight, then you should consult with a pediatrician about the diet of the child. Being overweight can cause reduced immunity, less mobility, endocrine diseases, and metabolic disorders.

Winding circles around a table or chair becomes a child’s favorite activity. Although from the side it may seem that there is no point in such activity other than the activity itself, in fact, in this way the child continues to learn about the world – now the understanding of the scale of objects and the mobility of the world begins. The kid wonders why the closet ends there, why a person appears in one place or another.

At nine months, the baby is already sitting well, can change the position on its own from lying to sitting and vice versa. Leaning and grabbing at something, the child may stand, but there may still be misunderstandings with the “landing” – it is worth helping the baby learn to sit down.


An interesting game of hide and seek becomes interesting at nine months – humiliated behind a curtain, blanket, toy or hiding behind furniture, a child with loud laughter is shown on a “ku-ku” or other sound.

It is necessary to take care of the safety of the corners of the furniture, because the child is already very active, can rise and reach the corners. If it is impossible to protect the whole house as much as possible, then at least one zone should be allocated in which the child will be safe to play and explore the world. It is important not to forget about the barriers that the baby will not be able to overcome in order to get out of such a “safe zone”.

Sometimes parents buy an arena, but children rarely play in it for a long time. A nine-month-old baby there is not enough space and is not interesting, since there are no new places and subjects to study. It is best, of course, if you can make the whole apartment safe so that the baby has the maximum space, or at least one room.

Caution – hot!

The child’s curiosity is growing and it is impossible to predict what exactly will attract attention. Therefore, it is worth concentrating as much as possible on safety. Close electrical outlets, monitor the absence of small items and household chemicals in places accessible to the child, and you can already begin to form “danger zones”. For example, to teach what is “hot”: bring the baby’s hand closer to the fire so that the strong heat is noticeable, the child will pull off his hand, and then bring his hand to the fire several times and pull it off to say “hot”. So the child begins to form a reflex that “hot” means dangerous and must be taken away from such a hand.

At nine months, the child already pays a lot of attention to adults and tries to repeat their actions. Therefore, you need to control yourself – do not manipulate with boiling water and hot surfaces near the child, put pots of dishes away, hide matches and lighters.

Medical support

Consultation with a pediatrician this month should be devoted to the topic of injuries. Discuss with your doctor the points that should be foreseen for the prevention of injury – suddenly you missed something. Also, it will not be superfluous to learn about the correct first aid to the child in case of injury and purchase the necessary means for this at home first aid kit.

Teething often bothers nine-month-olds and their parents. Intestinal disorders also occur as a reaction to new foods. Such problems can somewhat worsen sleep, but in general, a child at this age sleeps more soundly and calmly. However, the active period is really active. The baby is no longer interested in monotonous games with the repetition of one action, the child wants variety and activity, quickly switches attention from one toy to another, loves everything that rolls over, moves and “sounds”.

Natalia Kuzio