Children’s behavior is the tip of the iceberg, the situation in the family is the basis

With various violations of children’s behavior, parents often turn to a psychotherapist. This is the right practice, but only if the parents are willing to change too, and not just demand changes from the child.

Children’s behavior is just the tip of the iceberg, something that is obvious. It is always based on much more complex processes and relationships. Without a comprehensive analysis, even the best psychotherapist will not be able to fully help.

In articles on parenting, you can often read diametrically opposed statements about children’s behavior. Sometimes it is said that destructiveness and disobedience are the result of a lack of attention. Sometimes, on the contrary, the child’s bad behavior is explained by hyper-care. The paradox is that both options are correct – one behavioral manifestation can have completely different causes.

When it comes to preschool children, relationships with parents are key in shaping their behavior, so it can only be adjusted in combination with working with parents.

We are talking not only about parental methods of education or communication with the child, but also about the emotional, psychological states of parents, their interaction with each other. Fears, anxieties, beliefs, emotional states of the father and mothers affect the child and his behavior – it is important to know, accept and work to correct the situation.