Do not take away childhood from a child and learn to accept help: how to make life easier in an incomplete family

An incomplete family, when a child (children) live with one of the parents, arises due to various reasons. Parents divorce, begin to live separately or have never lived together, one of the parents dies… Each case is always a separate story and an individual approach.

What all single-parent families have in common is that one mom or one dad has no one to share household responsibilities, raising a child, making money, and all other things. In order not to plunge headlong into routine and confusion, psychologists advise in this case to plan the solution of everyday and material issues in advance.

If material resources are limited, you do not need to try to buy new dishes and new curtains in one week. And if it is impossible to divide household duties, you should not repair a broken shelf in one day, arrange a general cleaning and go to large purchases. It is worth ordering responsibilities and not blaming yourself for imperfection.

Important is the ability not to take away childhood from a child from an incomplete family. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, a single mother or single dad shifts some of the adult responsibilities to the child – this should not be done. Let the child have childhood.

In case of financial difficulties of an incomplete family, you should not refuse gifts and help from relatives or friends. there is nothing in it that would be worth being ashamed of. As in that, by the way, to issue benefits determined by the state.

When raising a child on your own, it is important to have someone to talk to about your problems and not need to hide behind “everything is fine” if this is not really the case. If there is no close friend or girlfriend for such conversations, then you can contact a psychologist. Do not talk about these topics with a child – it can be a heavy psychological burden.