Three questions about bathing babies

Bathing a newborn baby is an exciting process for parents and extremely interesting and important for the baby. This is not only a hygienic procedure, but also a communicative process between parents and a child and an expression of care.

When and how much time to bathe, what should be the temperature of the water, in which bath it is better to do it – these and many other questions interest young mom and dad. We have collected answers to the three most common questions about bathing newborns, which will help parents quickly master the “art” of children’s water procedures.

Buy a baby every day or not every day?

The baby’s skin is much more vulnerable and sensitive than in adults. It is easier to damage, irritate, it is more prone to the appearance of cracks and other damage that can provoke the development of infections or sepsis. That is why, up to six months, the baby should be bathed daily.

In the first days of life, when the navel is not yet healed, the child should be bathed in boiled water. It is more convenient to do this in a small, children’s, bath. When the navel is already healed, the baby can be bathed already in an adult bath.

In warm or cool water?

When bathing a baby in a small “baby” bath, the optimum water temperature is 36-37 °C. In an ordinary large bath – 33-34 °C. The difference is associated with the mobility of the baby – the more ability the child has to move in the bath, the cooler the water should be.

In both cases, the temperature in the bath should be gradually reduced – weekly by 1 °C, bringing to 28-30 °C – this temperature is the most optimal for the good health and well-being of the baby.

In the morning or in the evening to bathe non-speeches?

The time before evening feeding and bedtime is best for swimming. Bathroom procedures are quite active and take a lot of strength from the baby, so they improve appetite and sleep – after active movement you always want to eat and sleep.

This is if we talk about bathing yourself – when the child is in the water for 15-20 minutes. If we are talking about washing, then it is not necessary to tie it to a specific time of day – it is better to wash the baby when the need arises.

In newborn babies, the skin performs a regulatory function – excess moisture and carbon dioxide come out through the skin pores, so it is important that the pores are cleaned and do not inhibit metabolic processes in the children’s body. This is another argument in favor of daily bathing of the baby. In addition, during water procedures, the baby plays, puffs and learns the world around him.