Eleventh month of child development

In the eleventh month of a baby’s life, parents should be stimulated by the desire to walk and be prepared for falls and hits. The baby gladly continues to study the environment, “speaks” a lot, imitates the intonations of adults. An important mental achievement of this period is the ability to connect objects with the space of their existence, for example, a boat – in the water, and an airplane – in the sky.

Physical development

At the end of the first year of life, the growth and weight gain slows down even more: during the eleventh month, the baby gains an average of 400 grams of weight and 1.5-2 cm of height. General indicators of physical development are gradually approaching the norms for a one-year-old child.

Mobility and mental activity increase significantly at this time. Now every day is a new achievement and a minimum of perseverance. The child can already begin to walk independently, so you can buy the first pair of full-fledged shoes. It should not be too hard. especially the sole. It is too early to worry about flatness, because the muscles of the foot are not yet formed. By the way, the doctor can make this diagnosis no earlier than three years. When the child is already walking confidently, you can use shoes with a thick sole with a supinator to prevent flatness

At the eleventh month of life, the baby can easily get up from a sitting position and sit down on her own after standing or walking. Also, the child resorts to descents with elevations or loud signals the child asks him to help him get down from the chair or other increase.

Walking at this age is not very sure yet, but the child really wants to walk, so you should be patient and prepare for active days when you will help your child improve the first steps.

A slightly turned foot inside should not be frightening – this is normal for an eleven-month-old child, because the muscular system is still immature. Over time, everything returns to normal.

Child’s speech at 11 months

The vocabulary of the baby does not change much compared to the previous month, but in the future a passive vocabulary is actively formed. The child remembers the names and associates them with specific objects.

At eleven months, the child can begin to learn politeness. To begin with, it is enough just to focus on the words “thank you” and “please” so that the baby understands when to use them. It is important that adults also use them in conversations with each other and with the child.

Communication with the outside world

Approaching the end of the first year of life, the child already knows how to concentrate, so he can often not respond to words, requests or gestures, being in the process of solving some of his “problems”.

Perseverance when trying to get something, look somewhere, reach something or listen to a certain sound can sometimes seem stubborn, but this is not so – the baby is only trying to complete the action and see the result of his actions.

At eleven months, the child may already show interest in books, notebooks and notebooks, looking at them with interest. But you should not try to educate a genius from this age and teach the child letters. These items for the baby are interesting toys that can be flipped through and torn. It is better to focus on the drawings, name the animals depicted, voice the colors, show flowers, leaves, describe the clothes of the characters, etc.


Most children at eleven months sleep already once during the day, but night sleep becomes longer. it is better to invest the child in daytime sleep in lunch, so that between him, waking up from a night’s sleep and falling asleep the next night, there is about the same period of time. sometimes for this you need to adjust the daily routine somewhat so that the child gets tired at the right time.

If the baby falls asleep during the day before 12.00-13.00 hours, then in the evening it will be very irritable. If the day’s sleep is too late, then the child will also fall asleep at night later. It is better to form a comfortable routine – it is more convenient for parents and more comfortable for the child.

Medical support of a child for 11 months

During this period, children are vulnerable to a variety of viruses and infections. they are manifested by fever, to which the baby sometimes reacts with febrile convulsions – separate muscle twitches. Sometimes such seizures can even cause respiratory arrest, so it is important to discuss measures with your doctor to reduce taco probability.

In addition, at 11 months, the baby can begin to actively pull himself by the ear. Most often this is due to the eruption of the first angular tooth, which irritates the nerves. This may be accompanied by pain, anxiety and fever. If there are other symptoms, for example, discharge from the ear, and the temperature does not fall for a long time – be sure to show the child to the doctor.

Before the end of the first year of the baby’s life, parents should prepare for more and more activity and mobility – to prepare both morally and practically. Therefore, after consulting a doctor, a home first aid kit should be replenished with tools that help to cope with bruises, scratches and other injuries. Nevertheless, you should not dwell on them – if the fall did not cause significant injuries, then the child very quickly moves away from him and next time he will take into account his mistakes in order to take the desired action and not fall. These are trial and error methods. through which the baby learns the world and learns to live in it.

Natalia Kuzio