Colic in babies: how to help a child

Your baby was born. You enjoy your new status, rejoice, accept congratulations, and the baby sleeps soundly in a stroller or a crib. Suddenly, after two or three weeks, the peace was removed as if by hand – the child starts to be fussy, does not sleep, gets irritated, cries.

Cold in a child: how to act

Which parent has not faced such a problem as a child’s cold? Whether we like it or not, diseases very often put babies to bed. Parents are worried, doctors prescribe treatment, pharmacies have a lot of money… But does it always work? We offer you the advice of the American doctor of medical sciences, honorary specialist in pediatrics Jay L. Hoecker.

Slings and backpacks: what to wear a baby in

Only a stroller for a baby is no longer relevant. With the birth of a child, a mother has the opportunity to choose a wide variety of so-called carriers to her own taste. Previously, if a child was crying in a stroller, it was time to go outside with him. Today’s moms know that a sling will always come to the rescue in such a situation. What is it and what are the varieties: we tell.

7 myths about breastfeeding

You have a child. You want to give her as much valuable and necessary as possible. For example, breast milk. It would seem that what could be more natural and simpler. However, a young mother, especially if she is a first-time mother, is overwhelmed with so much information that it is difficult to choose the only correct model of behavior. Read this article and feed calmly.